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  • Process review and re-engineering
  • Supply-base management and optimisation
  • Implementation and change management
  • VMS consultation, recommendation and partner management
    • Active cost management
    • Market rate analysis
    • Talent supply chain management
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Best practice performance management

    Why Palm IT for MSP?

    Our goal is to empower you to transform your business by streamlining your contingent workforce and processes using our expertise, best practices and technology. You gain access to the best talent at competitive rates and an automated supplier discount process. The end result is greater productivity and cost savings.

    Fieldglass – Vendor management system

    Fieldglass is our vendor management system of choice. It’s a leading-edge, award-winning solution that in our experience offers the best capability for managing your contingent workforce and services procurement programmes.

    Fieldglass offers the industry’s most flexible, robust capabilities and business intelligence tools built on a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. It provides:

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