Our Approach

Our fundamental principle is to provide our clients with senior-level, trusted advisory services which mitigate the implementation risks, while minimising time-to-delivery of their chosen business systems.

Our global network of consultants have deep experience in successful business system planning, business process definition and project delivery, and we have teams of delivery experts for each major software platform and business process:-

Our core areas of expertise

  • ERP: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle
  • Project and programme Management
  • Transformation, training and change management
  • CRM and billing
  • Process and business analytics
  • Fieldglass and VMS tool integrations
  • Programme management offices (PMO)
  • BSS and OSS
  • Network (IP, VPN, WAN, LAN) SMEs
  • IT security
  • Cloud and virtualization

Why Palm IT for team and project resourcing?

Palm IT delivers value by supplying the best qualified, most experienced and referenceable consultants. We’re differentiated because we have the expertise and reach of a systems integrator, but lower costs and greater agility.

Why Palm IT

Market Position

Leading global clients choose Palm IT for top calibre professionals to manage and direct a systems integration workforce, or to build entire specialist teams to deliver their project objectives.

We work from inception all the way through to the Business as Usual (BAU) phase of an IT project, to ensure quality and continuity throughout.

Whether you need one Programme Director on a time and materials contract, or the team resources to deliver a fixed-price project with multi-country impact, Palm IT has the experience and infrastructure to provide an effective solution.

We understand that you need forward-looking advice that will help protect your systems investment for years to come. We know that systems and process change are transformative and we can help you maximise the benefits and reap them sooner.

We structure our service offerings to meet your delivery objectives, which can include working alongside major systems integrators to validate methodologies and milestones. We have a strong pedigree operating across global implementations, undertaking project and programme management in whole or in part, from planning to implementation and through to BAU (Business as Usual) to ensure technical integrity and that the right key milestones are set and met.