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  • Project and programme Management
  • Transformation, training and change management
  • CRM and billing
  • Process and business analytics
  • Fieldglass and VMS tool integrations
    • Programme management offices (PMO)
    • BSS and OSS
    • Network (IP, VPN, WAN, LAN) SMEs
    • IT security
    • Cloud and virtualization
    • Data Migration

    To support our core network, we have our own resourcing tool and database of over 200,000 technical and IT business experts. We use a bespoke portal linking to the major global IT resourcing facilities.

    This exceptional reach and multi-faceted approach means we can deliver senior consultants from an experienced and referenceable pool of known resources, who may not be visible or available through other channels. We also have direct and informed access to the broader general market.

    We look to form strong, long-term relationships with our clients, supporting them to transform their businesses and overcome obstacles so we can celebrate their successes with them.

    Resourcing goals:

    • Empower you to meet IT project milestones
    • Enable you to engage the right resources easily
    • Give you flexibility to scale resources up and down as needed
    • Cut down your contractor admin
    • Help you deliver your IT projects on budget
    • Reduce the risk and cost of project delivery with flexible, expert resources

    Engagement Model Final

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