Leading-edge software expertise

At Palm IT, we work with a range of trusted software solutions and systems. Our consultants and practitioners have up-to-the-minute knowledge and deep experience of specifying, deploying and customising to meet rigorous business, user and infrastructure demands.

We can access expertise in any current technology or vendor. Our most in-demand knowledge and skills are for:

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Industry experience and knowledge

Our team and associates have an excellent track record of delivery in a range of vertical markets. We have considerable expertise in the global and local retail and HR sectors, where our client base has developed particularly fast.

Get started

If you know the skill set you need or have a project requirement in mind, talk to us. Once we understand your needs we can recommend the best solution and level of service.

Start the specialist skills and experience conversation now: please email or call us on 01628 617324 to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements further.