Our ERP testing services help clients measure whether their systems integrator has delivered a solution that meets objectives and business requirements.

For clients, this is a valuable independent check to provide reassurance that their investment is set to deliver as planned. For systems integrators, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate the robustness and reliability of the deployed solution and achieve impartial validation. Using Palm IT for ERP testing means you can save time and effort by starting user testing phases only when pre-requisites are definitively met.

Our approach to testing

We follow a ‘golden thread’ approach to link requirements and test cases directly. Using a library of best practice test scripts, customised as required, we evaluate the effectiveness and completeness of processes and functions. This avoids the ambiguity of systems integrators using their own preferred tests and reduces opportunities for dispute and disfunction at a later stage.

Palm IT provides a team of experienced SAP testers to execute scripts and report on results. We use proven best practice in test preparation, management and execution. Our library of reports and dashboards provide a clear view of the solution’s effectiveness and match to objectives.


  • An objective, independent measure of solution match to requirements
  • Reduced failure risk at the user acceptance testing stage and go-live
  • Clear, standardised reporting on script execution rates, success rates and failure hotspots
  • A fast, efficient and cost-effective resource, backed by Lloyds
  • Proven team of ERP testing experts with broad-ranging experience